Books by Bruce Coston

Dr. Coston's experiences with his client pets are so interesting that he began to record their stories years ago.  In his books you will meet the menagerie of animals that comprises his case load and the eclectic cast of characters that makes practice so engaging. You will laugh and cry; you will be amazed by the variety of animals and the maladies they develop; you'll be moved by the bonds of devotion between animals and people; and you will fall more in love with your own pets! 

Dr. Coston sees in daily practice the very substance of what it is that makes our pets so special to us.  And his stories bring to life the bonds that allow pets to make us more human.

The Books

The Gift of PetsNew in 2012!
The Gift of Pets: Stories Only a Vet Could Tell
by Bruce R. Coston

In his delightful second memoir, the sequel to Ask The Animals, Bruce Coston continues the full and rich stories of his animal patients and the clients who make veterinary practice so fulfilling. In this humorous, poignant and enthralling collection, Coston explores what it is about the interaction with our pets that provides such profound companionship and how a love for animals helps us to be more fully human.

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Book cover - Ask the AnimalsAsk the Animals: A Vet's-Eye View of Pets and the People They Love
by Bruce R. Coston

Reminiscent of James Herriot’s wonderful books, Coston’s memoir "Ask the Animals: A Vet's-Eye View of Pets and the People They Love" offers zany, sad, and touching stories about a medical practice where the patients cannot speak, yet communicate deeply.

Bruce R. Coston’s first book is a warm, funny, and amazingly fulfilling celebration of the wonderful world of animals as seen through the eyes of a small-town veterinarian.

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