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"Ask the Animals is a beautifully written memoir that not only explores the daily life of a veterinarian, but also the sacrifices it takes to get there. Dr. Coston has accomplished what all veterinarians aspire to, a compassionate relationship with both his patients and their humans."
— Jeff Wells, DVM,  Author of All My Patients Have Tales

"Congratulations Bruce!You have written a warm, witty, compelling book that should delight the families who own the almost 140 million dogs and cats in the United States. You are much more than a veterinarian. You have a tender heart, an understanding mind and a mission.You write like a man with a calling – not just a profession.”
— Art Linkletter, TV personality and author of Kids Say The Darndest Things

"Like everyone else, I'm a sucker for pet stories. I regard Bruce as the next James Herriott so I'm telling all my friends, read him now and get in on the ground floor. This author is going places, and we are going to be reading his books for years to come."
John Killinger, author of "The Other Preacher In Lynchburg" and more than 80 other titles

"Virginia veterinarian Coston cobbles together a number of his columns from a local newspaper in this moving account of his practice. Heartbreaking vignettes include the pitch-perfect opening depiction of an elderly man's anguish over putting his dog down, Coston's own grief at the death of his beloved cat and a series of linked chapters about a wealthy man's love for his miniature dachshund. Coston leavens the somber stories with lighter moments - his first encounter with a sick chinchilla, for example, and his hilarious failure to convince a concerned caller that she isn't killing a baby chick by boiling an egg for supper. . . Coston comes off as caring and compassionate."
-Publishers Weekly

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